Sports In Sims

Ever since it was released in the year 2000, Sims has been one of the most popular games in the world, and after all these years it remains a favorite amongst gamers and people of all age groups. What captivates players the most about Sims is the fact that it is almost an exact replica of real life, so much that you can send your sim to work, have parties, form relationships with other people, and have all sorts of hobbies. Speaking of hobbies, sports are a huge part of playing Sims, as well as sports betting and gambling, which are extremely fun to do in the game; however, people that prefer betting in real life, usually visit real betting websites, like Eagle Bet.

What sports can you play in Sims? 

Sims love sports! Just about any kind of sports activity will make them more enthusiastic and happy, which is especially good for sims with an active or grouchy personality. The range of sports you can choose from is enormous, just like in real life. You can play soccer, basketball, golf, boxing, or even some unusual sports such as ax throwing or log rolling. If you want to take it easy and just play catch with a child or another adult, Sims allows you to do that too. There are also activities related to sports that you can perform, for example, reading about sports from newspapers and magazines, as well as on the web, telling stories about sports, and even blogging or dreaming about sports. The possibilities are endless. 

What do you get from playing sports?

Besides making your sims happy and enthusiastic, you can earn them different titles by playing sports. The titles improve over time as your sim becomes more advanced and professional, so you can go from being an Uninspired Underling or Backyard Athlete to becoming the Number One Fan. Doing sports also allows sims to access the Dreamy Fields, which lets them interact with other athletic sims, as well as gives them soccer nets, basketball hoops, or even punching bags. All of the perks you get will make this hobby more interesting for you and your sim; however, you also have the possibility of choosing the athletic career for your sim and make him or her a professional athlete. 

Athletic career 

This is one of the ten basic careers in the Sims world. If you chose this path, you start with the job of Team Mascot. Although this doesn’t sound very appealing, remember that everyone needs to start somewhere. This position allows you to watch the game up close, but you have to be prepared to bring water and snacks to the players whenever the coach tells you to. As time progresses, you will go from being a Rookie to All-Star, and even MVP. These new titles come with a lot of fame and TV exposure, and you should expect the press to be after you at all times. The final title you can receive in the Athletic career is the title of Hall of Famer, which is what every athletic sim longs to be.