One of the most popular games ever created, Dan Adams really took a swing out of the blue creating sims. No one could foresee the huge success that the game would bring and how many endless hours was spend in grooming cleaning and working on your simions social skills. A bit quirky view of an every day life dragged to it’s edge on what and what not could happen in an everyday life. A little bit like Truman show meets well my real life. First game was released in 2000 and after 8 great expansion packs containing furnitures, outfits, animals, wall papers and clowns lots and lots of clowns… Finally the released the sims 2.

With Sims two you where no able to follow your sim to work, travel to distand places and other neighbourhoods meet real friends online. Buy cars. The sky is the limit.

We can only conclude it is just as good as sims original with better graphics better AI, better things and also online so you play with real friends you can travel. Ok so conclusion is like the original but you take smack,, crack, LSD at the same time. It is a ride that you don’t want to miss and it will get you addicted in no time. And we have to say this due to legal crap, we do not support any kind of use of drugs so keep it to playing the sims 2.

Here is a small review made for the game so you can see it first hand how it looks.

The sims universe

As the sims 4 is about to release and it is now the biggest real life simulator in the world the franchise is expanding to selling the sims bags clothes. Now you can design your clothes in the sims and then order it home so you and your sis could match clothes. Another rumour we have heard is that they are creating the sims online slot. Rumours says that both Microgaming and Playtech has been in discussion with the sims founder Dan Adams in order to acquire the license right to create the first sim videoslot. For this we refer to for more information. It is a website that keeps track of all online casino events and game releases in the UK and if the rumours are true they are one of the first ones to announce it.

for more information regarding the new game Sims 4 check out their official website.

We hope you enjoyed the reading and keep playing sims for the love of god. We are excited to try out Sims 4 but imagine when the sims comes to virtual reality. That could just be mind-blowing. Hopefull Dan will read this and stop whatever he is doing and get straight on to creating The SIMS VR.