The Sims 4 Athlete Career – What To Do and How To Do It?

Video games are known for portraying various parts of life. Some do it better, some worse. Sports video games are not that popular, even though some of them have remained at the top of the ladder despite the overall drop in popularity of sports games.

Spotsbooks, on the other hand, especially online ones, are profiting from the love of sports, often by allowing users to join and make use of promo and bonus codes like the รหัสโบนัส Pinnacle offer.

Video games, however, can have sports represented in a way that is not expected and it can be a good representation.

The Sims 4 is a great video game that many people enjoy playing, mostly while anticipating the next release. It is possible to have a career as an athlete in Sims 4. Here is everything you need to know about that career choice and how to get around to doing it.

The Athletic Career Choice

The base game of Sims 4 got an update for the Athletic career with patch 9. This career choice has four basic levels that have very funny names, namely Waterperson, Locker Room Attendant, Team Mascot and Dance Team Captain. These levels are available to teens. After reaching level four, there is an ability to choose one of two possible profession routes as an athlete. One could be a Professional Athlete or a Bodybuilder. Each of the two require a certain skill set, namely strength and charisma, but mostly strength. It is a gruelling career choice until you reach the very top, but even then, it is not guaranteed how long you will stay on top.

The Professional Athlete

The athlete has to compete in various events and can have levels which rank from 5 to 10, 10 being the Hall of Famer level. While in this branch, the sim can study their opponent and learn more about them. This can be done on the internet or by watching TV. The athlete benefits from having an Energised mood, which is easy to do provided that you read on what boosts this mood.

The Bodybuilder

This career choice is for those who want to make their bodies their temples. This is a great career choice, but it requires lots of strength and also working on a mood such as Energised. Confident is also a mood that affects bodybuilding, but Energised has more value overall. The bodybuilder has to mentor other sims. This can be done at work or by letting other sims learn from your sim. 

Tips and Tricks

Depending on the career choice, some moods work better than others. One has to work on fitness as well as charisma if they want to be an athlete. Both are important. Aspirations such as Social Aspiration and Bodybuilder Aspiration are both great for the athletic route. The first one gives you more charisma, which you need. The latter gives you Fast Metabolism, the ability to summon an energy drink and become Energised on the spot.

These are some tips on how to start and successfully tackle the Sims 4 athlete career choice.