The Sims 5 Is Coming – Here’s What we Know

Video games are many people’s favorite pastime. We go from watching something to being a large part of something. Video games are entertaining and we play them to take our minds off things.

However, some people prefer playing single player games, namely, simulators. One of the most popular simulators was released in the year 2000 and is called Sims. Sims has had multiple versions over the years, the most recent one being The Sims 4 and its many expansions.

However, there has been an official confirmation that after 8 years, Sims 5 is on the way. Here is what we know about Sims 5.

The Sims 5 – What EA Tells Us

In April 2021, EA released a statement that the Sims 5 are in development. This is large news for the Sims community, and even though the fourth version of the game got multiple expansions and a lot of new content, it is still the Sims 4, a game released in 2014.

A game being in development means that it is still far from being released. Some people are hoping for a 2022 release date, but this still remains unknown. EA has made sure that we know that the game is developing in a similar manner as the previous instalments were, to be major improvements, graphically and in terms of gameplay. The developer of the game is Maxis, the same one which developed every major Sims release.


What we know for sure is very little, except that the game is on the way and that it will graphically be a better game, more up to date with current generation technology and that it will have multiplayer. The multiplayer bit is big news, but not that strange, considering EA’s general trajectory of trying to sell as many things as they can. What this multiplayer bit implies, however, is not certain, because no details were given. It could be anything from sometimes sharing your home online, to interacting with a shared neighborhood, to who knows how many other things.

What Players Would Love to See

Players have been vocal about more customization options, like career choices. Why not allow players to do whatever they want to do in a game, for example, be a crook, or a mobster, or even a lord or ruler. There are many career choices that should be available in a virtual world. 

Players would also love to see more support for non-binary pronouns and given Maxis’ previous work, it is likely that we will see this in Sims 5. 

It is possible that there will be a feature where players would be able to design and craft their own items. This could be integrated into a multiplayer world, among other features.

The Sims 5 are on the way, but when will they be here, nobody knows for sure, hopefully sooner rather than later.