The Sims 4: Discover University – 101

EA is a company known for many things, and one of them is microtransactions and capitalizing on giving fans what they want or what they think they want. Fans will buy anything as long as it makes them look better in the game. Some fans prefer to look good rather than be good at a game, because for them, the game is actually a leisurely activity, rather than something truly competitive. This is why some games get support for a very long time.

One such game is The Sims 4, which has had many expansions since its release date in 2014, up until today. One of its latest expansions, called Discover University, is a great expansion and deserving of more attention. Here is what it brings to the table.

Discover University – Going to School

Since the Sims 4 introduced young adults, meaning older teenagers and people in their early 20s, there was a gaping hole which needed to be filled. Universities are a great idea, and one that EA introduced in the game. This expansion, as the name suggests, allows players to have their young adult sims go to university and experience everything that university life has to offer, from struggling to study to having post diploma depression.

Which Universities and Degrees Can You Obtain?

There are two universities in the game, Britechester and Foxbury. Both of these universities offer the same 13 subjects that your sims can study. They also have specializations, where one specializes in arts, the other in science and technology. This is important, because one offers you a better science and the other a better arts degree. The 13 degrees that one can obtain are in communications, art history, culinary arts, drama, fine art, history, language and literature, biology, computer science, economics, physics, psychology and villainy. Yes, villainy is a viable career that one can study at a university. 

How to Start Going to College and Studying

Applying to the universities is easy and it takes a computer. Applying is automatic and both universities are considered and an acceptance letter will arrive in your mailbox in a couple of days. After being accepted, choose a degree to pursue, one that matches your sims’ aspirations and skills.

Distinguished Degrees

Both universities offer distinguished degrees, but one for arts and language and the other for science and technology. These are interesting and can help boost your sims’ education and later on, their pay when they get a job. When they get rejected, sims may reapply for a distinguished degree, but will suffer the consequences of being rejected, meaning they will experience sadness.

The Sims 4 has plenty of expansions and it is likely going to get more until we finally see Sims 5 released. Discover University is a great expansion which adds the element of college life, as well as degrees to obtain.