Sims 4 Get Famous: Social Media & Influencer Guide

People who like to spend time online have always been fascinated with the aspect of virtual reality. No matter if we are talking about sports fans who enjoy using the Virginia Lottery promo code, history buffs who spend time at virtual museums, or even regular bloggers. All of these people spend a lot of time on the Internet, and it’s only natural that sooner or later they would be attracted by the notion of virtual reality. And even though Sims doesn’t include VR, it is the next best thing. The simulation-reality game has been attracting new players for years, simply because it mimics everyday life in the best possible way. Therefore, many players can relate, and through dedication and hard work they can become something that they always dreamed of. 

So, in one of the latest updates, Sims has made it possible for players to become social media influencers. Even though this isn’t considered an actual job in the real world, it doesn’t change the fact that being a social media influencer has been a point of interest, especially among younger generations. In this way, Sims has proven once again to be the follower of the latest trends, thus remaining relevant even among the new generation of players. 

In Sims 4 you can opt for one of the several paths that result in your SIm becoming an influencer. You can choose the Social Media option, where you start as a rag reviewer and end up being a PR representative or an Internet Personality. There is also the Style Influencer option as one of the latest additions. 

In this short guide, you can learn more about the Get Famous expansion and the influencer options. 

No Structured Path

If you wish your Sim to become a social media influencer in Sims 4: City Living, then you should know that there is no structured path towards achieving this goal. You can either opt for Social Media or Style Influencer. But, for the career of the Get Famous Influencer, all you need to do is start making videos or music. 

Vlogger In The Making

In case you always wanted to become a famous vlogger, but you are simply too camera-shy, then you can make your dreams come true with your Sim. All you need to do is buy the “More Views Video Station”. In this way, you can start your new career by filming videos and uploading them online. Additionally, your editing skills will improve over time so you will be able to adjust your videos so that they are perfect in the end. It’s also important to mention that by making videos you will also earn sim royalties. 

Music Producer

On the other hand, if you are more interested in music than in video-making, then you should purchase the Mix Master Production Station. With this option, your Sim will become a true music master, since this station enables them to produce new music, make remixes, burn CDs, and even release new tracks.