Reasons Why The Sims is one of the Best Games Ever Created

The Sims video game franchise has been around for over two decades, and it is still very relevant and popular. This indicates that they are doing something right, or many things right for that matter. Most old school gamers fondly remember the version that was released in the year 2000, and how different it felt from all the other games that were available at that time. The game also had cheat codes, which were widely popular back then…

Since the game is this successful, it would be good to analyze some of its elements and figure out why it’s so appealing. Here are some of the main reasons why The Sims is one of the greatest games ever. 

No winners or losers

One of the things that immediately stood out when the game was released, was how fundamentally different it was fundamentally. The Sims had no win or lose condition for that matter, it was basically micromanagement of the family. It’s not like you had to start over if the things weren’t working out, nor would you receive a reward or advance further if everything was maxed out. This gave it that casual feel that you can play whenever you want how much you wanted, and still have a satisfying gaming session. 

Players could get creative

Much like Minecraft nowadays, the games mainly gave players tools and freedom to do with them whatever they wanted. They could design the house and decorate it, decide what The Sims will do, purposely get them into trouble, or grow attached to them and take good care of the family they are managing. 

Players of all ages and genders could enjoy it

Another important thing to note is that the game was not skill-based or required to have a deep understanding of its mechanics in order to have fun. As mentioned there was no particular reward for players who performed well, and there was no competition at all. This caters to all types of gamers, and it allowed the Sims to accumulate a very large fan base. 

Its Art

Art imitates life, and with every new release, The Sims became more realistic and human-like. Nowadays, players can customize how their Sims will look to finer details. Sims have their own aspirations, goals, desires, and fears, and they behave differently depending on how successfully they achieve those personal goals. They also react to the events happening around them, which makes it easier for players to really grow attached to those virtual characters. 

No Right Way to Play It

In addition to world-building creativity, players can even express their darkest impulses while playing Sims. You can have SIms go through all sorts of trauma and struggles, which allows players to create very bleak stories. Or you can use your godly powers to make the life of your Sims your every dream come true.