Horse Racing in The Sims 3: Pets

We’ve certainly come a long way from the original Sims, as demonstrated by The Sims3: Pets. Although this is the fifth expansion of The Sims 3, it is by no means the first one to include animals. However, there is one animal that appears in this game for the first time – the horse.

We are very interested in the fact that the game now allows you to race horses. While it is probably nothing like horse racing betting at Betfair, we are willing to bet (get it?) that there are a few similarities when it comes to preparing the horse. Here is how you get a horse and use it in the races of The Sims 3: Pets.

Starting Out

Getting a horse is a simple matter – you can create it the same way you would create a Sim. It gets even better once you realize you can customize the horse as much as you like, to a certain degree. Depending on whether you want the horse to race, jump, or learn tricks, you can invest in their Fast, Agile, and Genius skills, respectively. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like making a horse from scratch, you can adopt a horse or, for the extra patient players, try to befriend a wild one.


You take care of your horse the same way you would take care of your Sim – make them eat and drink, follow their needs, and make sure they get plenty of exercise. Taking care of your horse requires dedication and responsibility, so if you are a kind of player that lets their Sims catch on fire, you will probably not make it to the racing portion of the game. Sims can try for a baby, and horses have the option of trying for a foal.

Preparing for Races

It is not enough that your horse already has a beautiful set of stats, your Sim must be able to ride it. This is achieved with the Riding skill. If you would like to save some time and get the best performance out of the horse and rider, you should focus your attention on running the Jumping Course. This improves both the horses running and jumping abilities.

The more skill points a horse has, the more it is worth. Take that into consideration if you choose to trade in your pet for a newer and better model.


Besides the good stats, the horse and rider need to get along and be happy for the optimal performance. There is even a bit of a wild card in the form of luck. Every day, besides Sunday, at 5 pm, you will be able to enter competitions. When the race starts, you take control of either the rider or the horse. It is then that you are presented with a large screen with several options.

While you can go slow and steady, the game offers you the option of pushing your racing duo to their limits with Go For Broke and Take Risks. While these options may put you in the lead, they can also make you lose your position and the race. For the best performance and income, we recommend sticking to a consistent pace. You will gradually advance in the competitions and earn more money that way.