Gambling in The Sims

The Sims is a spectacular game that will hook you from the moment you create your own character. There is just something about controlling a Sim’s life and seeing that you can do just about anything that has such a magnetic pull, you cannot stop playing. You want to go out, explore, build houses, throw parties, make new friends, etc. It’s all very new and fun when you play a game the way you want to and even having the life you want virtually. The whole world is at your fingertips! Everything is under your control! Doesn’t that sound appealing? Try it out today, and even find your most favourite games within, including gambling! Anything that you can think about, you will probably find it within this game.

Activities Within the Game

Among many sports activities you can do in the latest Sims, gambling is one of them. In the 3rd game, you can place your bets and try out your luck to see if it runs through. But for real-world success in sports betting, you can visit Betway Sports Markets. Similarly to real life, if you win your bets, you will win your money in the game. Only if you have the Lucky trait will it be easy for you, if not, then it will be much harder. So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to get rich fast? Surely you do not want to have paying your bills being a pain. The joys of going out and buying new things is a great happiness, so visit the Casino to win your cash!


If you’ve never heard of gambling within the Sims and are not sure how to do it, all you need to simply do is visit The Sims 3 Store. You will find it there labeled as a casino that comes with a couple of the Casino games for you to play in the game. If you acquire this, you will find yourself accompanied with the new Gambling skill. You can experience hours of fun with this skill, and it’s surely not something worth missing out on.

The Medieval Edition

How do you like Medieval themed things? What if I told you that there is a Sims Medieval? Well there actually is, and it even comes with your Sim being able to gamble as well. However, if you have the trait Compulsive Gambler and you take a break from it, you will have a negative feeling in your Sim and lose your positive happiness within the game. Don’t get your hopes up either if you think this trait will make you luckier for your Sim while gambling because it surely doesn’t.The only thing it does is let your Sim be addicted to it. Anyway, it doesn’t matter much, especially if you have a Bard character! Not only are they very skilled with the arts, but they love to gamble! It creates inspiration and joy for them, so gamble away!