What jobs can you choose for The Sims?

Were you dreaming of becoming a doctor or a lawyer? Or maybe you always wanted to be a professional athlete. While in real life players get injured and it takes months for them to get back on the field, things are much easier in The Sims, not to mention that your characters don’t actually have to study years to work in fields like business, medicine or law. This game allows you to be whoever you want to be, so let’s see what career paths are available in The Sims 4.


You can start at the lowest level as a waterperson for the world’s biggest sports stars and earn §16/hour. After that, you can work your way up to being a locker room attendant, a team mascot or a dance team captain.

If you want to take the professional athlete branch, you’d have to start as a minor leaguer where you earn §51/h. The next levels are in this order: starter, all-star, MVP and hall of famer, the latter brining you §333/h.

There’s also the bodybuilder branch where you start as a professional trainer for §47/h and work your way up to becoming Mr./Ms. Solar System for an astonishing pay rate of §500/h. The intermediate steps are professional bodybuilder, champion bodybuilder, trainer to the stars, and celebrity bodybuilder.


There are 10 levels in this field starting from a simple medical intern to the hospital’s chief of staff. Other intermediary levels include the orderly, medical assistant, medical technologist, assistant nurse, registered nurse, general practitioner, medical specialist, and surgeon (in ascending order of pay rates).

Law enforcement

The detective career is a new path introduced to The Sims 4: Get to Work game. You start as a cadet who earns §20/h. The next level is that of an officer, who gets additional tasks like going to a crime scene or going on patrol. In order to achieve the highest rank, namely the chief, you have to go through the following intermediary levels: corporal, detective, senior detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and colonel. The chief is paid §256/h and works 8 hours a day, 5 days per week.


Those who are not interested in taking the honest career path can turn to the crime world, just like in real life. You start as a pickpocketer, after which you become a bagman. The highest level is the criminal mastermind, but until then you have to first be a bookie, a con artist, a getaway driver, a bank robber, a cat burglar, a counterfeiter and a smuggler. What a wide range of jobs you’ll have!