The Sims 2 Slot Machine

Rumours are going around that the Sims 2 online casino slot is being developed by Microgaming casino in conjunction with Maxis studio. If this is true we anticipate the game to go live sometime late in 2016. We have tried to reach Microgaming for a comment regarding the project but with no luck so far.

sims 2 official gamepack

If the rumours are true we would go frantic, it would be a complete game changer for sims 2 universe and expanding to other markets is somethins we fans would love to say. If you look at other franchises like angry birds, plants vs zombies they have moved over to both making gadgets, soda and plant vs zombies actually has a online casino slot. The plant VS Zombies slot can only be found in Las Vegas but we hope to see it soon in europe both online and offline casinos.

Another franchise taken from movies and videogames, that has made it’s way onto the online casinos is Aliens. Developed by Netent under very strict guidence from the movie team. Aliens looks exactly as it’s popular first person shooter game AVP (Alien VS predator) The game become an instant hit as well and have been played by millions of fans all around the world. The Aliens Game is only available online on european casinos that holds a netent license.
To learn more about the videos games turning into casino games go to

We believe we will see more and more videogames turning into online casino slot, would be nice to see both Call of duty and maybe Super Mario making it to the reels.

The Sims 4 expansion pack

We are still waiting for the anticipated expansion pack for Sims 4: The Sims 4 goes to church. Here you will be able to follow your simians to church every sunday at noon and afterwards share a dinner with friends and loved ones. Since sims is ok with all religions there is a fun twist that you can visit any sort of church. Why not go down the satanist line and try worshipping Lucifer him selves the goth party afterwards usually turns out to be a party like no other. Other religious communities you can visit is the Druids, Old northeners belives, Ancient egypt, and many more super strange things. Choose your believes and join the covenants.

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